if swift gave 5 dollars to every man she dated she would be in debt

if swift gave 5 dollars to every man she dated, she would give about $30. so much debt.

Fair point, but who the fuck cares how many people she’s dated? She could date 40 million people or 7 and still be hella rad, because the amount of boyfriends a person has doesn’t equal that person’s value.


This happens to be one of the most beautiful, incredible, loud, INSANE crowds I’ve ever seen in my life!

A year ago on 9/21/13, me and my best friends drove 4 hours to Nashville and ended up meeting taylorswift! We were so lucky to get to meet her briefly before the show, but we ran out of time to thank her for everything she’s done for us. Under the cut are our personal thank you’s! We love you, Taylor!

taylor, september 21 of last year was the best night of my entire life and you were so amazing to my best friends and i. i will never forget the second that i finally got to hug you after years of you and your music meaning so much to me. thank you for that night and thank you for everything you do to inspire me and so many other people. i love you so so much. love, stella (starlight-stella, @recordswift on instagram)

taylor, i am so thankful that i got to spend those very special couple minutes talking to you like we were just normal people having a conversation. you and everyone that works with you were so unbelievably kind to me and my friends, and that night could not have been better. one year ago today, you made my biggest dream come true, i got to hear your voice talking to me and i felt you hug me. thank you so so much for caring about the people who adore you so much, and thank you for everything you have ever done for me. i will love you forever. love, sarah (@swiggityswift_ on instagram)

taylor, it’s amazing how you can make me feel better when all else fails. innocent is my favorite song of all time, and i don’t know what i would have done on those nights that i was falling apart if not for you and your amazing way with words. i cannot thank you enough just for being you. you’re so strong and sweet and witty, and you were so amazing that night in nashville. you, your band, and your family were so incredibly kind to our group of crying girls in tutus. 9/21 was the best night of my life, and i’m sorry i was too scared to tell you this in person. i love you so, so much. many thanks and even more love, alice. (swiftmcgraw, @threesummersback on instagram)

taylorswift come love us PLEASE
who do you think deserves to meet taylor?



The people that have met her, the people that have never met her, new fans, old fans, fans that have been there from Tim McGraw to fans that just started liking her a day ago. 

Even the people that ‘hate’ her because if they ever get the chance to meet her i know for sure their opinions will change because i know that once you meet her how could anyone possibly hate her. 

everyone i  the god damn world deserves to meet her!

1989 release theme song

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Just a prediction for October 27



if Nepeta didn’t cry after seeing her best friend get killed in front of her then she certainly wouldn’t cry after getting rejected by a boy. 

As opposed to Karkat who will cry if he remembers it’s been 10 minutes since the last time he cried.